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 A Zen-Like Community Retreat for Veterans

The vetspacela  is open to all veterans, regardless of discharge status. It is a place for veterans to relax, enjoy great food and tap into the many resources of health and well-being in the Los Angeles area. Each event will introduce veterans to individuals who are dedicated to self-improvement and helping others in various life domains: spiritual, physical and financial. Whether you served in the desert, on the deck or behind a desk, vetspace is a community for you. The third vetspace retreat will take place at the Veteran's Home on the campus of the West Los Angeles Veteran's Administration.

Invited Guests


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Pictures and comments from past Vetspace events



“Massage, Acupuncture, Painting, Sub-Pac. All these stations were very relaxing mind body and soul” 

“I liked vetspace All of it. Great atmosphere, great volunteers/staff, great activities. Thank you”

 " It would be great if we had access to all and any of these active events at a vet center or VA” 

“The activities were very new and innovative. I believe technological advancements can be extremely beneficial in veteran treatment moving forward”

“The veterans need more of these type of resources and eastern concepts”